BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions proven effective in a variety of markets. Whether your specific area of need is airport, aquatic, forestry, industrial bareground, invasive/noxious, railroad, roadside, utility or western rangeland, BASF has products and people with a proven track record of results you can count on.


Sustainable forestry, sustained success.

Fact: Proper forestland management throughout the forest life cycle helps grow a more productive, profitable forest.

Problem: Left untreated, herbaceous weeds and low-quality hardwood brush compete with pines for water, sunlight, nutrients and root space, preventing pine forest survival and growth.

Solution: BASF Professional Vegetation Management helps support healthy pine forest growth for the life of your stand, from site preparation and herbaceous weed control through early release and mid-rotation.

Industrial Bareground

The bare essentials for bareground (and sensitive bareground).

Fact: Safety and productivity requirements often dictate that certain areas on industrial sites, utility substations, highways, railways and runways be kept completely weed-free.

Problem: Traditional mechanical methods create a costly cycle of grow-back and re-treats and can't provide the long-term control needed to treat bareground successfully.

Solution: BASF Professional Vegetation Management may provide season-long bareground control of a broad spectrum of unwanted species with just one application.

Land Management

Conservation Reserve Program
The nature of land management.

Fact: Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land has been increased from 36.4 to 39.2 million acres.

Problem: Non-productive crop and rangeland has a negative impact on lives and livelihoods.

Solution: CRP allows for limited haying and grazing on CRP lands and encourages farmers to convert erodible cropland and other environmentally sensitive acreage to vegetative cover, such as tame or native grasses, wildlife plantings, trees, filterstrips or riparian buffers.



Fact: Millions of dollars are spent each year in an attempt to control invasive aquatic species.

Problem: Floating and emergent weeds threaten thousands of miles of U.S. shorelines, wetlands and other aquatic habitats.

Solution: Since 1995, BASF has been working to effectively control floating and emergent weeds in sensitive aquatic environments. Today, we specialize in wetland restoration and reclamation, with programs and products specifically designed to support your aquatic weed control efforts.



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