Arsenal® Herbicide Applicators Concentrate (Arsenal AC)

Arsenal Forestry

In 2012, Arsenal AC received registration for all terrestrial industrial and aquatic uses. Arsenal AC now brings the proven ability to control unwanted vegetation in all terrestrial forestry and industrial sites along with aquatic sites all in one product. Arsenal AC is the product for all your vegetation control needs.

Application Information

Key Weeds Controlled

Because Arsenal AC is a low-volume herbicide, it helps manage public concerns, wildlife habitats and aquatic sites as well. It’s effective against problem species such as:

cogon grass
Japanese bamboo
multiflora rose
reed canary grass
Russian and autumn olive
sweet gum
tree of heaven
alligator weed
arundo donax
parrot feather
purple loosestrife
water hyacinth
water primrose

A complete list of weeds controlled can be found on the Arsenal AC product label. Always read and follow label directions.

Application Guidelines

Please refer to the Arsenal AC product label for complete application information. For more information about putting our products and programs to work for you, contact your nearest BASF BetterVM distributor or call 

Always read and follow label directions.


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